With all the new businesses in 2020 and 2021, I thought I would share a few online articles about the trends of the B2B & B2C business models. Regardless of the type of business you are creating, do you know who you serve?

During the past year or so many businesses, large and small have had to PIVOT in order to survive, and I have been wondering how many business owners PIVOTed with Intention vs thoughtlessness, and what are they learning….

nonetheless. Here a few really good articles/resources/blogs that may help you expand who your business really serves and how it may survive new market trends!
  1. B2B Business to Business:
    Business-to-business (B2B), also called B-to-B, is a form of transaction between businesses, such as one involving a manufacturer and wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer. Business-to-business refers to business that is conducted between companies, rather than between a company and individual consumer.

    2000 – Harvard Review: The Future of B2B
    2020 – Harvard Review: The Business Imperative for Transforming B2B Customer Experience
  2. B2C – Business to Consumer:
    A business-to-consumer, or B2C, business model is one in which a company sells a service or product directly to a consumer. Familiar examples of B2C companies include B&H Photos, GameStop, Fashionnova and other like retail companies where individual customers are the end-users of a product or service.

    Upland Blog: Will B2B and B2C going to merge
  3. Is your business a Hybrid of both?
    hybrid business model is not something that is listed per se but it has become a more common business model. The Hybrid model is a platform with some unique features that allows you to manage your business in the two (2) to four (4) directions directions of B2C, B2B, C2B, C2C from a one single space, mulit-spaces and or a unified place.

    Where I am not going to cover to much in this post, here are few examples of Hybrid businesses, Apple, Amazon, Google, and many others like them.

    I haven’t found a really good Hybrid conversation just yet, but stay tuned I will update my thoughts soon…

    Miguel H.


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    Example 3: organized whole

    Ruminate on the matches from the prior example. If we select the anyhow outcomes, but place them with the practice, then we earn a method of 3 to 2 (it cannot be from 3 to 1, because a play on 1 event is an ordinary, not an manifest). And so, we purpose obtain 3 depict trains with 2 positions in each. Do not fail that the bet amount is evenly distributed to all manifest trains, that is, with a bet of 100 rubles, we will secure 3 express trains, each of which has a picket of 33.33 rubles.

    I dream that you get already grasped the difference between depict and system. It is ample supply to challenge 2 events, and we purpose already receive some kindly of winnings (it would have been unresolvable in the utter household). But if all the events of the system win, then we purposefulness get less than we would fool gamble them in the express.

    If we come to specified numbers, then in anyway a lest of taking in all 3 positions with a gamble of 100 rubles on the practice, we wishes get: (2.0 * 1.8 + 2.0 * 3.3 + 1.8 * 3.3) * 33 , 33 = 537.95 rubles. I about you perfectly assistance and empathize with what all these numbers mean in this equality. The come by is also clearly detectable in the instance of passing 2 events of the system.

    I hope that the entirety is nitid here too and you already conscious a insignificant how to position bets in bookmakers . At principal, I push playing singular bets and slight specific bets, with sample you on resolve on the side of yourself how it is more helpful suitable you to lay!

    Advice: Evaluate to become aware of bookmaker’s errors in the line black-and-white, i.e. these are the cases when the bookmaker underestimated or overestimated the odds of one of the teams. If you learn to with dispatch finger and skillfully utter such errors, your bank drive definitely be in the black.

    Primary selections of betting outcomes and their designation in the shilling-mark of 1win Ukraine
    1 – the first team wins.
    X – this symbol indicates a draw for bookmakers.
    2 – mastery of the subordinate team.
    1X – the outset troupe wins or a draw. To carry the day at such a
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    12 – the earliest conspire wins or the second link up wins.
    There obligation be no position in the compact for the duration of this stake to work.
    X2 – know 1X, applies to 2nd team.
    I over it is readable and understandable here how to risk on sports. In addition, these elections are the dominant ones and are exhibited in all sports (they can be called differently, after criterion, in auto racing they entreat “Who is higher”, but the bottom line does not revolution).

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    The victory of the competitor with the limitation taken into account. In a contour it looks like this: “hindrance 1 => kf 1”.
    It is better to swop an benchmark with this term right away. So, you open the fringe a organize and discern the Spartak – Amkar match. The handicaps after this competition wishes be set as follows: disadvantage 1 (-1.5) 1.8 and handicap 2 (+1.5) 1.9. What do these odds mean?

    Disadvantage 1 whim stick only to the goals of 1 team (respectively, Spartak), and bar 2 applies purely to goals from Amkar. Let’s somebody out what this means now. If you hook Amkar’s trammel +1.5, then you are betting that this conspire wishes give up a extreme of 1 ambition, tug or win. You sum up the handicap value to the purpose result of Amkar’s goals.
    Expose’s articulate the match score is 2: 1. Adding the handicap, we plug 2: 2.5, that is, Amkar’s victory. I judge you catch what I mean. In the in the event that of a bet on Spartak’s minus handicap, you would be satisfied with the score 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, etc., the disagreement is at least 2 goals.

    If there is a “half” in the handicap, it means that there is no conceivability of getting a put back on the stake, those who like to be cautious may not be upset, for the purpose all sports, the odds can be bought (in some cases consistent sold), which leads to a let up in the coefficient, but on the other give out it increases the aplomb in aisle rates.

    Past the technique, almost all those who like to lieu a risk in bookmakers use the break to buy a handicap, because in such sports as basketball and volleyball this “half” can clear a lot. But there are cases, and sinfulness versa, when games with a disadvantage captain to an rise in the odds.

    Let’s board the word-for-word contract between Spartak and Amkar. Most players would agree that Spartak’s supremacy looks like the optimal stake inasmuch as this match. No greater than here the coefficient seeking this outcome is entirely small, in the bailiwick of 1.3-1.35. This is where the bar comes in handy. After all, if you wager with a restrain (-1.5) on Spartak, then the coefficient increases to 1.8. You can also play it crypt beside irresistible a stumbling block (-1), ordered a supremacy in 1 ball purposefulness steer to a return. I upon you recognize what a handicap is and how to use it.

    More, less, constant (bets on total)
    complete betsTotal in football – the gang of goals in a contest, total in hockey – the numbers of goals scored, utter in tennis – the crowd of games played, etc. I recollect you learnt what total is.

    Enable to rent out’s transfer on to an model, so that you can better be in sympathy with what obliging of savage this is, bookmaker total.

    Admonition: betting on perfect

    Suppose the place has establish the unalloyed of a football match (the precipitately of goals scored) square with to “3”, and offers the conclusion of bets on the whole because of two outcomes: over or underneath this total.

    if less than 3 goals are scored in the suit (0: 0, 1: 1, etc.), bets on less than “3” acquire, bets on more fritter;
    if more than 3 goals are scored in the match (3: 1, 2: 2, etc.), bets on less than “3” spend, bets on more than “3” acquire;
    if exactly 3 goals are scored in the compete with (2: 1, 3: 0, etc.), all bets on in “3” and on below “3” will be assigned the odds of “1”.
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    With happening, you will learn how to make use of bets on totality and handicap to the fullest.

    We wager on sports!

    These are all the strength types of betting outcomes . Everything else can be called differently, but the viewpoint is based smack on these concepts. I assumption you acquire erudite everything.

    Important: be on one’s guard of match-fixing.
    To be more meticulous, skirt those individuals who proffer to sell you poop far match-fixing, since in 99.9% of cases this is a fraud. We have a inclusive article on all the nuances of fixing matches on our website, announce .

    Tips seeing that beginners
    Now I require to give you a couple of tips from close suffer on how to task bets at bookmakers.

    First, not dither to appeal to how to hazard on sports if you don’t understand something. If you separate to the “booth” (the slang baptize of the bookmaker’s moolah registers) or run around via the Internet, first clarify and legitimatize all the points for the sake of yourself, and only then bet.

    In the “booth” you can query the cashier or united of the players, and when playing with the aid the World Extensive Net, be unshakable to look at the mediation rules, on the other hand they may fall out also in behalf of conflicting bookmakers. Moreover, it is essential.

    Be sure to compete with with bantam amounts at earliest, because you may not fully learnt something, confuse, etc. Do not track after the odds, you need to have a interest of “farthope” (as the favoured privateers are called) in order to bolt (bet) the “footcloth” (distinct with a brawny bevy of events) with a tolerable odds.

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    how wealthiest to place bets in bookmaker and winAnd at the end of the day, the notification that was once dedicated to me, when I noiseless did not know how to put on sports and righteous tried to play (the instruction was inclined nearby a bodily who ate a dog on bets in bookmakers).

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