Wealth Builders Movement, Live Stream and Video Production


Video Production and Live Streaming!

This was an amazing project to work on!

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the WBM trade show and convention was facing canalization. However, in place of having a live convention, we were able to talk our client into turning their event into a Virtual Live Streamed Event. The challenge was finding a location that would meet CDC guidelines, Kentucky social distancing mandates, and create measures that reassured our in-person panelist would be safe. At the same time we new we had to build out all the Tech, Audio and Visual requirements to live stream the event…

LDC, didn’t have to cancel their event as we were able to help them pivot. We turned Kingdom Fellowship Christian Church sanctuary into a full broadcast video production facility using a variety of equipment, software and a hand full of creative work arounds!
In all we were able to help both our client and a local church with a variety of media upgrades and solutions for video and live streaming.


Client Details

Client: Life Development Corporation

Category: Multi Media and Live Stream

Date: June 2020

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Unique Features

• Able to Stream out to multiple destinations
• Professional-grade production tools to run a TV-quality show
• Dedicated team of event & production veterans to ensure a smooth production
• Custom Branding, Printing and Broadcast quality assets
• Dedicated and Professional Photographers, Videographers and Marketing Team


Upgrades:  Audio Equipment, Lighting, Media Area of Church,
Gear Used: Switcher: Blackmagic ATEM PRO
Mixer: Behringer X32 Digital Mixer
Camera: Sony HXR NXCAM, BENRO KH26p
Microphones: Sure BLX14 Lavalier
Lightings: Dracast LED500
Software: OBS, Retream.io and StreamYard.com
Hardware: Upgrade PC with new Graphic Cards, Power and Memory.

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