Make It A Hot 2017

Make It A Hot 2017!!

4 Trending Steps to Make It A Hot 2017!!!!

“Go Brand Yourself” Start Branding yourself Today, b/c tomorrow might be to late!

1. “Build Your Brand” Identify your ideal customer, Go sale them exactly what they are looking for and then give them what they need!  Most customers only show you their, right now; remember you are the expert and this is your opportunity to learn their big vision, and show them results!

2. Learn; Think, Talk, Text, Social Media like a Millennial!
Don’t get stuck thinking like the old person in the room, landlines are outdated, mail is slow and your business model just might need to change. Millennials are here with one a bold opinion, and they are one of the most educated generations in the country and they are not shy about telling you. It’s time you treat your business/brand the same way!

3. Social Media is the Alpha & Omega – Where are you? Do you have a Social Media Plan and Strategy? 79% of all internet users are on Facebook, world wide there are 1.8 billion people logged into Facebook daily and there 1 billion active users on YouTube, 21% of all US adults use Twitter, 28% of all U.S. adults use instagram. Bottom line social media is where your customer is, time you build a plan and plan to win!

4. Get a head of the Trends– yes get of our chair and step out in the world b/c your competitor just did. 3 quick B2B Tends that are affecting your business even if you don’t know it.

  • The Freelancer – By 2020 Intuit predicts 40% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancing in some capacity. More and more people are using their talents to create their own opportunities, you can continue to compete or you move your business into the Collaborative Age.
  • Concierge Selling – All industries are changing and with the growth of ecommerce, in many cases your sales person just isn’t needed for the small stuff. However, regardless of industry it is important for you Sale teams/person to be more ingrained in the customers overall needs and business planning because they are will be needed for the more complex business process. Concierge selling is the next level of client retention and development.
  • Branding – two words “Private Label” if you don’t have your name, logo, or slogan on it, your not relevant! As long, as I have been in the promotional products business the one thing I have seen rise in the market is, less people want to wear Nike, Sekio, Fossil, Izod etc… they want to be Nike! Marketing and Advertising has changed, have you? Building your Private Label Brand is the new leader in promotional recognition, and advertising game. In 2017 you want to Be a Brand Leader!

    Defining Success in 2017

    This what a few of my friends had to say about winning in 2017!

    The key to a successful business is staying true to your businesses core values. Keeping your eyes down the road and be willing to adapt and tweak your goals when necessary, but never chase fads or be in it for the money…that will come with hard work.”  William Starks – Starks Reality – www.gstarksrealty.com 


    “I don’t believe everybody is my competition. I believe that I am my own competition. I’m my hardest critic, and I am constantly trying to beat myself, as well as surpass what I have already accomplished. —- I have a website, I market my brand and I have personable skills. Communications skills, and a great personality set me apart. It makes an impression on my clientele.” Kesley Moorefiled – Fashion & Promo Model  www.kesleymoorefield.com

    “Success for me is like a revolving door as this is something I strive for daily. The key is my drive that me motivated” Yatta Desha – Fashion & Promo Model – www.facebook.com/ModelYattaDesha



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