Sancho Miguel’s Salsa

*All Salsa Order’s must be ordered by 1/30/2015 to be ready by Super Bowl 2/7/2016
Pick or Local Delivery
We are only shipping to UPS 1 day shipping points: IN, Southern OH, KY, Southern IL
Please call 502-713-2072 for pricing for all other shipping points and cost.
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16oz Container $13.00

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MILD[wp_cart_button name=”16oz Mild Salsa” price=”13.00″]

24oz Container $20.00

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MILD[wp_cart_button name=”24oz Mild Salsa” price=”20.00″]

64oz Container (1/2 Gal) $44.00

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128oz Container (1 Gal) $90.00

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MILD[wp_cart_button name=”128oz Mild Salsa” price=”90.00″]